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How to manage my Report??Please I Need HELP


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Hello all,


I have a report which has a dynamic data.


I know that IReport will manage dynamic data in the way that after number of records in one page the others would be in another page but my problem is that in some pages after 20 records(for example) there would be 5 records of new table and when I want to print my report these 5 records also printed with other 20 records.


I want a report that start a new page by some new records.!


I searched a lot I know that this maybe done by 'Start on a new Page' property and I also define a group header and put my column header on that part and right after it is my detail,but the expression I have to use to make IReport understand when I need my records go to the new page is difficult to write.Can anybody help me which expression I have to write to have the proper result???


I also use page break element and write the following expression at the print when expression but I got an error:(

new Boolean(($V{REPORT_COUNT}.intValue>20))?true:false


I would be so grateful if someone consider my problem and help to solve it.





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