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Export HTML as Multiple Files


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I'd like to export my report to HTML as multiple files, with one page per file, using links back and forth from one page to the next.


Is this possible?


I've looked at the webapp sample, and am familiar with the code to export a single page but that's not exactly what I need. The webapp sample assumes a 'live' interaction with the user, and interprets his/her click at the time he/she clicks the next button. Indeed, the next/prev controls are part of the JSP wrapper, and not actually part of the report.


In my case, the reports are exported ahead of time but are large enough that export to a single page is not an option (html export seems to create very large files compared with other export formats). They may be accessed directly via the file system and cannot take advantage of the JSP/Applet. Is there a tool that can export the report and automatically add static links to the next/prev pages?


Thanks in advance,


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Surely I'm not the only person whose run into this, am I?


I'm looking for an exporter that automatically generates HTML with forward/backward links to pages, where each page in the report is a separate file.



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