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How to separate between subreports?


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Hi, everyone,


Now I try to create the plural-page report whitch has 5 subreports.


All subreports are on detail band of the master report, and sepalated by "Page and column breaks"


In the case that each subreport are within 1 page, there is no problem.

However, in the case that some subreports become 2 or more pages, the outputs are overlapped with the next subreport.


I attatched the main report templete file (JRXML).

Please help me.:pinch: [file name=inquiry.jrxml size=8615]http://www.jasperforge.org/components/com_joomlaboard/uploaded/files/inquiry.jrxml[/file]

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srry i took so long, this should work great for you, if you want to start each one on a new page change it in the grp settings i set up for you, also the spacers grps are just that, if you want them further apart change size of spacer*header bands. [file name=inquiry.xml size=10621]http://www.jasperforge.org/components/com_joomlaboard/uploaded/files/inquiry.xml[/file]
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now, is it just not printing subreport or are the over lapping, if you used the jrxml file i sent you it will stop the over lapping, I do it all the time and have subreports that are 5-8 pages long, now if it is just not showing them then u are pulling null data.
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It is not clear the point in my first question.


I'd like to divide the each subreport into different pages.

For that, I put "Page and column breaks" between the subreport on the main report.


In the case that each subreport has only one page, the subreports printed in differnt pages.

However, In the case the subreport become somo pages, They don't separeted, and over-lapped.


1. Case1182's solution resolved the "over-lapping" matter.


2. "Page separeting" still remains.


I considered each subreports is output as "differnt reports".

In that case, I get other problems. For example, I cannot pagenate the reports by serial number.


Could you help me?:unsure:

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I tried out your xmlfile. However, the result is same with your former files.


Your file is added "isStartNewPage="true" into "group" tag, and isSplitAllowed="true" into "band" tag.


It declares to output subreports into different pages, doesn't it?

It looks correct, but Why doesn't it work?


Maybe, subreports need to change?

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Hi, guys,


I created Test pattern JRXMLs and checked many case.


As the result, I found the blow.


1. In the case the subreport becomes two or more pages, the attribute "Start on a New Page" of Report group has no meaning.


2. In the case the behind subreport is fixed in one page, and "Insert page/column break" is set on the top of the next subreport, the blank page is inserted the next to the fixed subreport.


3. "Spacer group" hasn't no meaning.


4. "Insert page/column break" on main report hasn't no meaning.


5. Above-mentioned case is not depended on that the one-page-fixed page is using title tag or detail tag.


I checked them by iReport2.0.


Is there any other idea? [file name=test_pattern_jrxml.zip size=9940]http://www.jasperforge.org/components/com_joomlaboard/uploaded/files/test_pattern_jrxml.zip[/file]


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