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Alignmnt Prob in ireport & web application in text


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#000080]#008000]Hi experts,


I am using ireport 1.2.8 tool.

I had created report in ireport 1.2.8 for text format.

In report ,it showing some alignment & if i will run the report through web application servlet, i am getting some different alignment ..


Browser : mozilla firefox 1.0.7



Can u pls help me..

This is very very urgent for me..



Code i used in the servlet for generating text format:-


jasperPrint = JasperFillManager.fillReport(context

.getRealPath(filePath), hashmap, connection);

data.setReportFileName(reportFileName + ".txt");

exporter = new JRTextExporter();

byte[] rptByteArr = exportReportToBytes(jasperPrint, exporter);





private byte[] exportReportToBytes(JasperPrint jasperPrint,

JRTextExporter exporter) throws JRException {

byte[] output;


ByteArrayOutputStream outPutStream = new ByteArrayOutputStream();

exporter .setParameter(JRTextExporterParameter.JASPER_PRINT, jasperPrint);



exporter.setParameter(JRTextExporterParameter.PAGE_WIDTH, new Integer(



new Integer(10));




output = outPutStream.toByteArray();


return output;








Balaji B

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