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Chart Questions (again...)


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Here's a chart in my report:



Several questions:

How can I put actual value on top of each bar?

How can I define scaling? i.e. I want to use by 50,000 insted of 100,000.

How can I sort the months?

Further more, how can I put months of whole year?


Thank you very much!


Trying my luck, a repost of my query:



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1. In the Chart Properties tick off "Show Labels".


2. I don’t think that you can modify this property. It would be great if they added this functionality. Their implementation is a subset of the charts package. You might be able to implement the full package to get this.


3. I would do it in your SQL. If the SQL drives other processes in your report you could put the Chart in a subreport and run it off of a separate SQL.


4. Create 12 dummy buckets in your SQL. One for each month. Default them to zero. Then populate them with your data. The syntax would depend on your data base.

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hi svenn,


thank you very much for your reply.


with regards to #3, I should have mentioned that months are sorted when printed in the report (i.e. I have a group months in report detail and they are printed fine: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May). But when the chart is printed, it's scambled :(


wrt #4, I am using a Custom JRDatasource and my back-end is not SQL.


thanks again!

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