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Different number formatting on different stations


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I have number formatting problem

- the same jasper report run on different PC stations, formats the number fields differently.

- I did extensive search - traced the whole report from jasper source code and found out this

- The problem lies in JRFillTextField.java class (jasperreports version 1.3.3), line 377:


textFieldValue = format.format(textFieldValue);


Few examples of textFieldValue variable (before calling format method, after on one station, after on other station):

1 -> 1.00 1,00

19047.6 -> 19,047.60 19047,60


All text fields have the same pattern #,##0.00


I wonder what can affect java.text.Format class, format method to behave like this.

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My exploration went on and I ended in class net.sf.jasperreports.engine.util.DefaultFormatFactory on line


format = NumberFormat.getNumberInstance(locale);


locale is in both cases the same, but the resulting format is different. I can't go on further, because java.text.NumberFormat class ends in java runtime.


The mystery remains.

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