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Drill down from X-axis


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I am creating reports for company's dashboard. One of the requirement in the project is user should be able to drill down to another report by clicking on x-axis lables.


Suppose there is a bar chart for funds grouped by month-year. month-year are listed on x-axis like jan-2007,feb-2007,...etc. when user click on jan-2007 it will drag him to another report. Is it possible in Jasper reports?


Thanks in advance.

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Yes you can do this with the combination of jasperserver and jasperreports.

take a look at the example reports comming with jasperserver. there is one example where you can make such a drill down when you click on the name of an account manager.


this works with the hyperlink tag, wich has to be set to report execution.


hth jens

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HI Jen and Hmehta,




I also need some information regarding dash boards. I am having the jasper design studio powered by jasper reports and jasper server. Can you please tell me how to design dash boards. It would be great if you can send me a document on dash boards if you have. Please tell me the procedure to make dash boards.







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You can create 1 report that has multiple sub reports - in effect a dashboard.


The JasperServer Pro 3.0 release in May/June has dashboards built in. You can drag and drop multiple reports from the repository, and connect input controls/parameters together to drive the dashboard as a single unit made up of multiple reports and other dashboards.





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