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How to use JasperReports without accessing to DDBB


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I'm pretty new in Jasper...


Well... I have to use Jasper Reports to generate some charts.


I have seen that normally JasperReports access to database to feed the data.


But my scenario is absolutely different. In a JSP I already have all the data I need. So my question is, how to use this data to pass to the jasper library to create some charts.


any help? where I can find help to do that?


thanks folks!

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If you only need charts, then maybe using a chart specialized library such as JFreeChart might be enough for you.

If you still think you need to go with JasperReports, then you should know that JasperReports needs a data source and you could either implement one, to wrap your in-memory data, or use a built-in implementation if your data is in the form of JavaBean collections or arrays.

Look into the /demo/samples/datasource sample provided with the project, to see more details about data sources.


I hope this helps.


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