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jasper reports are not displayed in servlets,JSPs


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I had an error while I use jasper reports in a JSP file. that is "FileNotFoundException" for "/templates/ERP_Report.jasper". How can I get this kind of compiled report file into my servlets or JSP files.Also I want to know How we display jasper reports in servlets or JSPs.


Thanking you,


Ramesh RK

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No it really does not help. I have been trying to use jasper reports with a web app for weeks and have the demos memorized. I have been scouring the web for documentation. The demos alone just are not enough. Is there any good written tutorials on the web...besides the demos.


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I'm afraid there is no tutorial that would contain the exact code lines needed to create the entire application that you need to build up, so that you could just copy/paste them.

Tutorials are like little candles that would help you find your way through the dark.


Simply saying you tried for weeks and it does not work would not help you move forward an inch.

If you want help, come up with precise details about what you are trying to do, complete stack traces, if errors are involved, sample report templates, etc.


Thank you,


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