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BUG: Sort order in Sub-Report Report Query


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First, let me say that I first checked the Tracker and Forum, and did not see any references to the bug I found. I also tried to enter the bug into Tracker, but could not figure how to do that - so here I am.


I have a report, that contains a sub-report, which lists records returned by a Database / Report Query in the sub-report. The report should sort by: SERVICE_NAME_SEQ_NUM ascending, SERVICE_START_DT ascending.


However, to get it to sort in that order I have to set up the Report Query as follows in the sub-report:


Database/Report Query

  "Sort Options" button on bottom

    Sorting Options

      Sort by... the below two fields:

        (Down Arrow) SERVICE_NAME_SEQ_NUM

            Click on "Modify Field" button

              Sort Type


        (Up Arrow) SERVICE_START_DT

          Click on "Modify Field" button

            Sort Type




Two things I find wrong/counter-intuitive about this:


1) SERVICE_NAME_SEQ_NUM shows a 'Down Arrow' icon next to it when it is set up to sort in Ascending order.


2) SERVICE_START_DT shows a 'Up Arrow' icon next to it and it has to be set up to sort in Descending order for it to actually be sorted in Ascending order.



iReport 1.3.2 on XP Pro SP2.


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