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Using ireport programmatically


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I am developing a reporting facility. Basically what I am trying to do is to allow the user to view the data souce in some kind of table, and if the user approve the data source, that table will end up as the datasource used by jasper(a custom JRDataSource).


Now the problem comes to this: how can I use iReport by writing Java code... That is, I want the user to click a button, and then launch iReport, with the previously approved custom JRDatasource as the default data source for iReport. So that the user can then directly design a report based on that datasource...(they are not supposed to make data source, set connection etc... they should be able to see all the fields from the data source as they open iReport).


I cannot find any API on how to access iReport, (like set its Data source etc.. in code

iReport.setDataSource(myCustomDataSource) some like that). Has any one had any experience on doing that? 

Is there any articals, website or docu, that i can read to learn how to use iReport programmatically?

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