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flow authentication on 1.2.1


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JS 1.2.1 includes several security improvements, so you'll need to change more than that in order to allow not logged users to execute a flow.


You'd need to take care of the following items:

Flow authorization: make sure that ROLE_ANONYMOUS has access to the required flow(s).


For this you need to edit the flowDefinitionSource property of the flowVoter bean. For instance, you would add something like viewReportFlow=ROLE_ANONYMOUS,ROLE_USER, or, if you want to grant access to all flows, *=ROLE_ANONYMOUS,ROLE_USER.

Object permissions: grant ROLE_ANONYMOUS required permissions (read/write, depending on what you want the user to do) to repository resources/folders. You can either grant ROLE_ANONYMOUS access to the root folder or to specific folder/resources. This is done via the web UI via the "Assign Permissions" links in the repository admin browser.

If you plan to allow the user to execute reports, make sure ROLE_ANONYMOUS has access to /reportimage/** URIs.





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What if you just want to give the user access to a folder in the repository? For instance, all scheduled reports land in /PublicArea. I want anonymous users to be able to access that folder without authentication. All reports will have already been generated.



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I updated the .xml file (fileview...) and I can now anonymously access the report, but I would also like for users to be able to see what reports are available in the /PublicArea folder.


I guess what I'm missing is the "screens" part. How do I know which screen it is? Repository screen?



Is there a document that describes all this?



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