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2 different datasources


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I am trying to generate a report which uses 2 different datasources. Main Report uses postgres and sub report uses CSV file as a datasource.

I need help to pass the CSV datasource object as a parameter to sub report. Can anyone has idea about how to do this.

Thanks in Advance..




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This is an answer I hear over and over again but never instructions or example code to do that or in the case of iReport how to achieve that.


Would you be so nice of giving that kind of detail? Or at least tell me if you can't give that answer if that can be found in your guides available for sale?


Thanks in advance

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Do you find a solution?

I have the same problem....and on a forum you can only find this: "Pass the datasource...."


So if you don't know how too pass the datasource, I think, you should go to another report maker, because this forums are only for a pro members.



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