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any csv driver who works?

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By: George Georgilas - ggeorgegr

any csv driver who works?

2003-04-04 04:39

anyone knows a csv driver who works with jasperreports? i tried csvjdbc & inet driver but without luck. i can compile but can't fill xml reports with these drivers....





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: any csv driver who works?

2003-04-04 08:08




The built-in JRResultSetDataSource requires you

to use a JDBC 2.0 compatible driver.

There is little chance you would find one good

enough to get data from CSV data sources.


However, simple JDBC drivers can be used in

a custom JRDataSource implementation that

you could create yourself.


Check the "datasource" sample to see how

you can fill reports from custom data sources.


I hope this helps.







By: George Georgilas - ggeorgegr

RE: any csv driver who works?

2003-04-08 04:26

i finally did compile & fill my xml files...it seems that xml file needs at least a field to band besides detail...my test xml had only detail section and crashed all the time....:) Thanks Teodor for your excellent piece of software you make...

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