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pretty weird error in mdx query!!


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I've met a pretty weird error in Jasperserver..

I created a new olap datasource, a new olap cube schema, a new olap mondrian connection and I tried to create a new olap analysis view..


My problem deals with the mdx query : I wrote that query :

SELECT {[Measures].[unit Sales], [Measures].[store sales]} ON COLUMNS,

{[Time].[1997].[Q1].descendants} ON ROWS

FROM [sales]

WHERE [Gender].[F]


the error is :

The following is not a valid MDX Query: Mondrian Error:MDX object '[Measures].[store Cost]' not found in cube 'Sales'


So it says to me that the store COST measure doesn't exist..I know that! I never ask for the store COST measure but for the Store SALES measure!

Why does it think i'm searching the store COST measure??





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