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Using Spring loaded Hibernate DataSource


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I am using a Spring loaded Hibernate connection in iRport1.3.0


Gave the classpath to point to my hbm,bin and source folders and also added the necessary jars.


Now when I give the path for Spring ConfigurationFile and the SessionFactory Bean id and click on Test


I get a strange error that shows only the Name of my

DAO implementation class and nothing else..


This is the tag in my context file..



<bean id="deptDao" class="storedProcs.DeptDAOImpl">

<property name="sessionFactory"><ref local="sessionFactory"/></property>



When I give the SessonFactory Bean Id as deptDao and click on test ...


I get a error dialog box showing "storedProcs.DeptDAOImpl" and nothing else..


Can anybody tell me where I have gone wrong...


Thanks a lot in advance


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