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Need help with parameter / formula


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I am a newbie to iReport and need help creating a parameter / formula field.


I have a data base column called "eq_res". I need a formula that would do something like this...


if {eq_res} = "D" then Daily




if {eq_res) = "M" then Monthly




if {eq_res) ="H" then Hourly




no reservation



basicly I need the report to display the word "Monthly" if eq_res = M or display "Daily" if eq_res = D etc.....


Can anyone help with this?????

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You can do this in the either source query or in the expression.



To do it in the data source you use functions available in the database. This is an ORACLE example:


SELECT field1

, field2

, DECODE(eq_res,'D','Daily','M','Monthly','H",'Hourly','') AS eq_res

FROM yourTable



Then your expression would simply be $F{eq_res}




This is what you would do if you want to manipulate $F{eq_res}within an expression:



new java.lang.String($F{eq_res}=="D" ? "Daily" : ($F{eq_res}=="M" ? "Monthly" : ($F{eq_res}=="H" ? "Hourly" : "") ) )

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I have a simmular problem.

In my case I have a database field (integer) lineitemtype. When it is 0 I want to return a string "Artikelen" when it's 1 I want to return a string "Uren" and when it's 2 I want to return a string "Kosten"


I have this expression:

new java.lang.String($F{lineitemtype} == new Integer(0) ? "Artikelen" : ($F{lineitemtype} == new Integer(1) ? "Uren" : ($F{lineitemtype} == new Integer(2) ? "Kosten" : "other"«») ) )


but the problem is that what the value is it is always returning the string "other" And I'm sure the integer is 0 or 1 or 2, nothing else.


What am I doing wrong??

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