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What is JasperIntelligence and Server really for??


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sorry for this type of question..but i'm really confused...i recently integrate a team of developers that already use jasperreports to produce the desirable reports that are needed for ourapplication...


there are already hundreds of reports (and sub-reports) done (and using oracle..not mysql) so, my question is: how JasperIntelligence can make the work easier or bring same advantage versus the "normal" use o jasperreports (just calling them from java)?


at the moment the only advantage i could find to this (for the kind of application we have) is the permission feature.. since different users of our software have different (and restricted) access to some of the reports.. can this be called from our java application (the reports..and permission confirmation)?


i already manage how to put one of our reports running inside jasperserver... but we need it to be called (and shown) embedded in our Java application.. is it possible to do that?..



sorry for my english :p... i hope someone can answer my question,

best regards,

João Taborda

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