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Problems with "band" of header and detail..

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By: Thomas Richter - hornet_f4c

Problems with "band" of header and detail...

2003-03-26 17:02

Hi there....

Lil, problem here. I have a fairly large ColumnHeader area and then a fairly large deiatil area. My goal is that the detail area will start a new page in each line as it iterates over the table modell. I got this to work earlier.

Now I understand I can supress the column header on all follow up pages by adding a printWhenExpression. This works as well.


Now for the problem

The ColumnHeader and the Detail Area do not fit together on one page - not bad because they were never supposed to do so (as explained above).

Problem is the report will not combile because the combined band areas defined by these two sections do not longer match the margins.


How to do that ? Column header fills the first page and detail area fills the subsequent pages ?


Thanx in advance !!






By: Thomas Richter - hornet_f4c

RE: Problems with "band" of header and detail...

2003-03-26 19:50

Sorry - as usual, I found a solution short after posting the question.....


Maybe posting into the forum just helps me with thinking ?? :-)


However, I simply defined the stuff I had in the columnHeader in the groupHeader instead.


This did the trick. :-)


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