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JR PDF report into a WebSphere Portal Portlet

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By: Ra'ed Isaac - jerusalemboy

JR PDF report into a WebSphere Portal Portlet

2003-03-19 06:54

WebSphere Portal comes with a PDF viewer which allows the user to view a PDF file either in a new window or withing the portlet itself.


The JSP uses an <EMBED> with src=existing file. The output is embeded with the PDF viewer into the html output.


How can I do the same thing with Jasper. I tried Outputstream (both JSP and Servlet), but I doesn't seem to work.


Some detailed help would be greatly appreciated.





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: JR PDF report into a WebSphere Portal Portlet

2003-03-25 14:19




I'm not too familiar with the <EMBED> tag,

but if it already supports a "src" attribute that can

point to an URL containing a PDF file, then you

could specify there the URL of a servlet or a JSP

that delivers PDF content.


To see how to create a servlet or JSP that delivers

PDF content on-the-fly, you can check

the "webapp" sample.


I hope this helps.







By: Ra'ed Isaac - jerusalemboy

RE: JR PDF report into a WebSphere Portal Portlet

2003-03-25 17:46

Thanx Teodor..


Perhaps I should have elaborated a bit on my problem..


I did go through the webapp example.. and I got it working as is.. but when I try to incorporate that into a portlet environment.. things don't seem to work.. I think the portlet doesn't like the OutputStream way of doing things..


I also tried doing the following:


(1) Portlet calls its (2) own JSP which has the (3) Pdf JSP embedded in it as below:


This code is in the portlet JSP



<OBJECT CLASSID="clsid:CA8A9780-280D-11CF-A24D-444553540000"



VALUE='<portletAPI:encodeURI path='pdf.jsp'/>'>

<EMBED SRC=<portletAPI:encodeURI path='pdf.jsp'/>'


<NOEMBED>Your browser does not support embedded PDF files.</NOEMBED>





this works smoothly.. I get the report into my portlet very nicely.. but then I faced the problem of passing info to it.. e.g., portlet configuration information relating to the database such as user_id.. passowrd.. etc..


I'm not sure if there's any other way of getting the ODF output without having to write to a file and at the same time not using the output stream..


This is a unique issue I'm facing with the portlet environment.. I hope someone out there with experience in this area can provide some feedback..

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