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Sizing Subreport Elements


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I get this feeling not being in control re. subreport elements and their size.


Here's the deal. I am using the adding-a-group-per-subreport trick to construct a report based on 7 subreports. Every time I add a subreport, I am having trouble getting output. The first 100+ tries I get nothing but an out-of-memory error.


The hanging seems to be caused by the band/elemt size I am giving to the subreport. but I really do not understand it. And of course I want to understand, so that I can skip the 100+ useless tries in future.


My (not so successful) approach is:

- create a band, height 10

- add the subreport, height 10

- print with overflow

- fix to top of band

- let the sizing be done by Jasper


This would allow for 600 / 10 = 60 subreports in one report, before I hit the page size limit, right?


But this does not always work, apparently JR requires a certain minimal band or element size. Does anyone the formula to get that size? If the size is less than the magic (to me) mininum, JR will start a new page and see that the report does not fit over and over again until memory runs out...

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