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how does Jasper OLAP work?


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I am a report developer and our company wants to implement an OLAP solution using Jasper OLAP Server or JasperServer for their web application. I am new to this OLAP technology but very good at creating reports in Jasper and other tools. Can anybody guide me as to what programs/servers/dbs etc I need to install to get all OLAP work for our website? Do the reports need to be built by keeping OLAP in mind? Thanks in advance.
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Hi Dreporter!!


As youve said that you are familiar with Jasper reports and wish to use OLAP reports you need to know few things

1. Mondrian is the OLAP engine

2. you can create connection to Mondrian OLAP thorugh jdbc or XMLA.


later can write queries (SQL and MDX)for your reports to access your OLAP Cube.

OLAP Cube is in XML format which contains the description of your star schema, dimensions and messures along with aggregates and calculated measures.


Your query hits the OLAP engine with has the definition to your OLAP data that helps to pull the information.


Hope this helps a bit.



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Thanks Sure919 and Warwithin. Can you guys also help me understand how this is going to be embeded in our web app?

Currently we have a web app and there is a reports module that allows us to run dyanamic jasper reports. How does OLAP fit in it? I downloaded Mondrian OLAP designer. If I design an OLAP report in it, how can I link it back to my jasper report? Little confused so I would really appreciate if you guys can explain it to me. Thanks.

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