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default time values for beginning and end of time?


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I'm trying to understand how to set up some default values to support an optional date range on a query.


So I've got a column that's a java.sql.Date called datesubmitted. What I'm trying to set up is a query that does something like


select * from datatable 
where datesubmitted between $P(RANGESTARTDATE} and $P{RANGEENDDATE}
order by datesubmitted


I've got two parameters set up as java.sql.Timestamp values - RANGESTARTDATE and RANGEENDDATE.


I'm trying to set up a default so that RANGESTARTDATE is "beginning of time" and RANGEENDDATE is "end of time". I tried


[code]new java.sql.Timestamp(0) and
new java.sql.Timestamp(Long.MAX_VALUE)


respectively. However, if I run the report and indicate "Use default" (through iReport 1.3.0), I get "document has no pages". If I use the prompts in iReport to select 2 dates, I get the correct set of results.


What's the incantation to create the start and end dates I need to essentially select all the records if I don't pass in the parameter values?



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