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Print in first whole band


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I have a text field that is two lines tall in my detail area, and I need to not have it break at the bottom of the page, leaving one line on one page, the other on the next page.


What does "Print in first whole band" do?

Does it do what I want?

I have the ultimate guide, and Heffelfinger's book, not that either are very good at the details of such things.


Is there somethine else that will do what I want?



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isPrintInFirstWholeBand="true" is used for an element having isPrintRepeatedValues="false" to indicate that the element should be printed on the first whole band in a page.


Currently there is no flag to indicate that when stretching a text field and reaching the page bottom the text field should start again on the new page, instead of continuing with the remaining text. You could post a feature request if you think this would be useful to others as well.


The only workaround I can think of (outside of unsetting isStretchWithOverflow, which I assume is not an option) is to isolate the text field on its own (dummy) band which would have isSplitAllowed="false".




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