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I have a velocity based report template. Based on the user inputs, I generate the JRXML by merging the velocity template file and the user inputs. Basic intention to have the velocity based template is to allow the column selection to the user.

The reports comes perfectly in PDF format.

But, the indentation is not coming properly in HTML.

The width for the column is not getting effective in HTML report, looks like it determines the width based on the maximum width of the particular column in that page.

Since it is determining based on each page, the left and right margin in the next page does not match with the first page.

Is there a way to mention in the JRXML file, so that the Jasper Report considers the width in HTML report also.


Thanks in advance,


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I have fixed this issue.

I passed the format to the velocity context and

added the logic as mentioned below:


#if( $format != 'pdf' )




After ignoring the pagination for the html report, the indentation was calculated based on all the records.

So, there is no indentation problem.


And if the format is 'pdf', the report comes well with the pagination.




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