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Subreports (nested) map [[empty]] errors


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We are experiencing problems publishing master->subreport->sub-subreport configurations to the latest release of JasperIntelligence.


We can run report OK on iREPORT. All reports use same database connection.


When publishing to JasperIntelligence we use the plug-in to:


(1) Create Report Unit for master report

(2) Populate jrxml for the sub-report and its nested sub-subreport

(3) Setup parameter/expression links in master and sub-report to connect to parameters in subreport and sub-subreport respectively

(4) Ensured that SUBREPORT_DIR is set to "repo:" in Subreport(Other) tab



We receive the following errors:

1 - null

java.lang.Exception: 1 - null

at com.jaspersoft.jasperserver.irplugin.wsclient.WSClient.runReport(WSClient.java:382) etc


When we attempt to



We have also attempted to load the report unit and sub-resources onto the server using the web interface. However the web does not recognise that there are sub-reports present.


We have noticed that the Parameters Map Expression is missing from the jrxml in the Master and the SubReport files???


We have read the manuals/release notes for 1.2.0 but to no avail.


Any assistance greatly appreciated.



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