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iReport 0.0.9 released!

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By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

iReport 0.0.9 released!

2003-03-17 14:06

Thanks for Dominique Gallot, a new release of iReport is now available.

A lot of new and very cool features.

- Added light gray border to ImageElement

- Added light red border on band overflow

- Set tab order on Properties Windows

- Set tab order on Report properties Windows and on most windows

- Will ask to save unsaved report --- Bug 645285

- Copy & Past works for all common fields ( transparency, ... ) --- Bug 682186

- Field description was not loaded ! -- Bug 675794

- Field parameter windows and parameter/field/variable window start in the center of the screen.

- Support for multi selection properties editing...

- Added ContextMenu in report form .. Send to Back, to Front , properties

- the latest seleted tab in the properties element is now selected if possible.

- Short cut to open a sub report -- Request ???

- Added support for cmd line arguments

-f file can open several files now !

-h show this

Support for the old cmd line arguments kept!

- Added support for compatibility with jasper report version before 0.4.5, via compatibility form

- Will use a CDATA in the XML file only when needed.

- Properties file 'expressions.properties' Added. Entries in this file will be added in the expression editor !









By: Jeff Campbell - jeffcampbell

RE: iReport 0.0.9 released!

2003-03-17 14:37

When is this going to be able to work on other operating systems other than just Windows?





By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: iReport 0.0.9 released!

2003-03-17 14:47

I'm working on, but the process of port is slow. The bottelneck is my few free time. The real author of all new features in the win32 version of iReport is Dominique, that without prejudgments is continuing to develop on the original version written in VisualJ++.

I'll release some screenshotsof the pure java version soon to hold height the interest about this topic.

Thanks for your question.



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