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Problem with complex report query


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Hello !


I've a big and strange problem where i try to export (pdf) my report. It always get empty with my dynamic query...


Here is my report query :


SELECT salon.nom_salon,
concat('C',UPPER(typesalon.label)) as type_salon,
pays.nom_complet as nom_complet_pays,
UPPER(pays.capitale) as capitale,
sousdir.abreviation as sousdirection,
presta.abreviation as prestation
FROM t_salon salon,
t_type_salon typesalon,
t_pays pays,
t_zone_geographique zones,
t_sousdirection sousdir,
t_prestation presta,
t_statut_pays statut
where typesalon.id = salon.type_salon_id
AND salon.id = $P{id_salon}
AND pays.id = $P{id_pays}
AND pays.t_zone_geographique_id = zones.id
AND zones.t_sousdirection_id = sousdir.id
AND statut.t_pays_id = salon.id
AND presta.id = statut.t_prestation_id;


- The report exports correctly when i replace my 2 parameters (id_salon, id_pays) by real numbers.


- If i don't set any query and i create a textField with my parameters, it works and parameters prints.


- I can do dynamic query like "SELECT * FROM t_pays WHERRE id=$P{id_pays}, and the report works fine.


Please help me, all things works separately but not together ...




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