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Chart X-axis element name printing problem


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I am facing Bar chart X-axis element name printing problem. They are printed horizontally.

While i need to print them cris-cross like following.



is there any control in iReport 1.3.0

Any help appriciated.



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Under Chart Properties you can set the Label Rotation in degrees. Values between 0 and 90 return good results.



Please note that the label text is anchored to the leftmost character, so the rotation will be in the opposite direction to that shown in your example.

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Taking another look at this thread has revealed some really peculiar behaviour by jFreeCharts.



It seems that 300deg is not the same as -60deg !!! Using a negative angle incorporates changing the text orientation as well.



So if you want you labels oriented in the same direction as you example then use a negative label rotation angle (eg. -45 or -60 degrees).



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