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postgreSql Stored Procedure...

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By: Uniq - uniq_2002

postgreSql Stored Procedure...

2002-12-03 01:31

Hello all,

I'm a newbie in jasper and I'd like to ask some problem about it,

1. How to make a vertical line in jasper ? ex: a line between columns/fields.

What class should I change/read related to report design? because

they're so hierarchy, so it makes me confused :)

2. How to call Stored Procedure and display the results into report ?

FYI, I use postgreSql that the Stored Procedure doesn't return



Thanks in advanced for any kind respond, I really appreciate.







By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: postgreSql Stored Procedure...

2002-12-07 02:38




1. Vertical lines have only height and widht="0".


2. There is no special support for stored

procedures yet. We shall introduce support for

CallableStatements in the future, but today, if the

store procedure does not return a ResultSet, you

have to execute it outside JasperReports because

the engine does not know how to handle OUT parameters.


Thank you,


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