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How do we contribute 2 plugins?


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My colleague has written 2 plugins that should prove usefull to the IReport community.


Plugin #1 -> PivotReport Tools: After using the normal tabular wizard to setup a report using our pivot template you select the pivot tools plugin - It offfers several formatting options and allows you to select columns to include. It honors group by as well. Once you've selected the fields and indicated how many columns you can have (remember a column is a row in a pivot report) you hit the fix fields button and it automatically takes the original fields and replicates them with # appended names. next you hit layout fields and it automatically sets up a table structure - makes pivot reports EXTREMELY easy. This plugin also includes a pivotsql query executor to support this operation.


Plugin #2 Report tools - simple things like cleaning up and making sure variables are passed down to sub reports. The ability to insert either a hard or conditional page break ( It inserts a special sub report to allow the group by to kick in anywhere arbitrary on the page) - the hard page break is exactly what it sounds like. The soft page break is usefull when you are trying to keep say a header or title grouped with a table or sub report and you don't want just the header printed at the end of the page. This passes in a number of pixels that if there are fewer than that number of pixels it causes the new page - you would put it just before the object you want to keep with the second object.


Anyhow please let me know the process for contributing and the scope of interest for these items.

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your pivot plugin sounds great! it would enhance the functionality of ireport / jasperreports extremly for non technical users like me, that have no deeper knowledge of writing a xml schema.

does it work with any kind of datasource? i`m working with an mondrian olap server.



maybe you could post some screenshots of your plugin.

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