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Image causes cell to splitt in XLS


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I want to export a Report in Excel using the JExcelApi. The export works fine, we have shown the pic and the data in the excel sheet, the only problem is, the image and the following date in the pageHeaderBand cause a break in the cells for the main data cells, best described by a look at the attached image. If you look at the image, you see, that after the image a new cell was started (Cell C) and after the Date another cell (Cell D). So the real Data Cell Publisher, which should actually be one single cell, is seperated into three cells (B,C,D), or better its own cell and two empty cells.

Thats the problem, how can I add the Image (which at all is cell-independant) and/or the date without creating an own cell or how can I combine eg the cells of the pageHeaderBand to one cell to fill ?


Hope you can help me,



Sascha size=390]http://www.jasperforge.org/components/com_joomlaboard/uploaded/images/excelexport.jpg

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Hmm, I'm just reading about merging cells in JExcelApi, so is it possible to say, for example, I merge Cells A to E in the pageHeaderBand, so it is seen as one long Cell ? And if so, which methods do I need to do it ? Do I need extra WritableWorkbook or something like this ?




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