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Drill down in report created in iReport


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I got the information from reading postings in the forums that it is impossible to create drill-downs in reports without doing some customization programming. I just can not believe that this is true given that when you look at the Hyperlink tab in the Field Properties window, you see that there are for example ways of passing parameters with a link.


I have made hyperlinks from my reports, And I can see that there are ways of passing parameters, why would it not be possible to link to a Report and sending a parameter (for example period)?


To link from a report to another is really one of the most common BI functionalities, I just can not believe that this is not supported functionality.


For your information; I am accessing my reports from JasperIntelligence.


Best Regards,



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Report drill down is supported in JasperIntelligence 1.1 via a custom hyperlink type.


Your hyperlink would look something like


<textField hyperlinkType="ReportExecution">
<hyperlinkParameter name="_report">
<hyperlinkParameter name="EmployeeID">


_report is a parameter reserved for the report unit URI, and EmployeeID is an input control/parameter of the report unit.




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I have the same issue with a drill down report. I am able to get to the drill report, but can't figure out how to access the parameter that I send in the url. I need that parameter in the query I use in the drill down report as a filter. How do I access the parameters that I sent?





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