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Incomplete report under unix


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I have a jasper report developed using iReport which works fine under windows. However, when i deploy to a unix environment the PDF is still created with no errors or exceptions but areas of the report are missing. This includes static text labels as well as the actual report data.


What could be causing this issue?

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I am not sure if this could be your problem, but I had the same issue while viewing reports in iReport virtualizer on Windows .vs. via an application on Unix.


Sometimes when the data is too 'tall' it simply does not show up. I increased the height of the cells that were showing up as blank and it worked fine.


Try it out..might help.

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Yes, this is a typical font related issue.

In your report template you are using fonts from Windows which are not available on Linux. They get replaced by some default JVM fonts which have different font metrics and text that fitted into a give fixed height on Windows no longer fits on Linux.

Make sure you use fonts that are available on both environments or that have similar properties. Otherwise let the text field stretch and make static texts tall enough to prevent this problem.


I hope this helps.


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