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Report element to be placed to one page as a whole


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My report consists of several groups containing the crosstab at group footer. It is desirable that each group placed at one page as a whole(not splitted to several pages).


E.g. if the group fit on remaining page place as a whole, it will be placed at this page, otherwise it will be placed to next page.

Meanwhile some short groups can be placed to the same page one after another.


Is it possible?

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The best way to prevent a group from splitting would be to make the group a subreport and place it in a band with isSplitAllowed="false".

However, I think the drawback would be that if the group happens to start on a new page and takes more the one page, the splitting not allowed will cause the engine to give up and restart the group on a new page, leaving you with a almost empty page in between.


Another aproach would be to rely on the minHeightToStartNewPage attribute of the group, to prevent groups from starting too low on a page.


I hope this helps.


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