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Customizing Detail field for every data entry


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Hello. I'm trying to make static method on Java, that will make a paper copy of JTable using JasperReports. Until we talking just about table data - everything is fine, I'm generating design with something kind of


for( int i = 0; i < model.getColumnCount(); i++ ) {
textField = new JRDesignTextField();
expression = new JRDesignExpression();
expression.setText( "$F{COLUMN_" + i + "}" );
textField.setExpression( expression );
band.addElement( textField );

and so on, and then fill it with a bit modified JRTableModelDataSource



Things get complicated for me when I've got to copy style of every cell of a table - that mean for every cell I have to fetch it's CellRenderer and replicate it's font style, background and so on. It's have to be executed in fill-time, but style of Detail field is already defined in design-time, similar for every row...


Is there any real solutions? Thanks.

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