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problem with special characters and linux


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i'm using JasperReports in a j2ee application deployed on JBoss.. i export the reports as PDF and RTF and they contain some special characters (german umlauts like ö,ä,ü)


everything works fine if i deploy the app on a windows server


if i deploy on a linux server (SuSe10), the PDF reports are ok but the RTF reports do not show the umlaut characters correctly


anyone which had a similar problem?

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it works, many thanks


one observation though - getting the SVN sources was a pretty awful task.

took quite a while until i found the repository path.

then i found info like


Subversion Checkout Command: svn checkout --username nobody http://scm.jasperforge.org/svn/repos/jasperreports

" which does not work.

then i found that i need to create a separate account.

then i tried 3-4 times to create that, because i was not receiving the confirmation email.

...and so on..

maybe u can make the whole process a bit more friendlier


anyway, many thx for the fast response and for the solution .. and good luck there

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