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iReports/Jasper suport to pull from Multiple Data


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iReports/Jasper suport to pull from Multiple Data Sources: Is it possible in iReport to have 2 different datasources?

I want to generate a report from two different data sources. Is there any way to retrieve data from two different data sources in one report.

I have Oracle and PostgreSQL databases, I need to generate a report using the data from both these databases.


Actually I tried with Subreport concept. I created one Master report and Detail Report. Master report is connected to PostgreSQL database and Detail Report is connected to Oracle database. But, when I join these two reports and trying to generate the report, Master report's datasource is working but Detail Report's data source is not working.


Any help is appreciated..

Thanks in Advance..



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You could either create two CustomDataSources (one for each Database) and use the first for masterreport and the second you send via Parameter to the master and use this parameter as DataSourceExpression for SubReport.


Otherwise you must pass the Connection also as Parameter and use this connection within a helper class to return your needed data.


Should work.




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