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Error: No row with the given identifier exists


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I installed the latest version of JasperIntelligence on our server with tomcat and mysql 4.1. I also installed iReport with the plugin and everything seemed to work great. I added a data source to iReport and JI for our Progresql DB and proceeded to create the first report. The report works perfectly in iReport and iReport talks to JI just fine as well. I go ahead and add the report unit to JI and when I click finish, I get the following error:


No row with the given identifier exists: [com.jaspersoft.jasperserver.api.metadata.jasperreports.domain.impl.datasource.RepoReportDataSource#17]


I also get that in the trace in the web interface when I try to browse to the folder containing the report unit. Here's the complete trace:

org.springframework.webflow.ActionExecutionException: Exception thrown executing [AnnotatedAction@1e4e6db targetAction = com.jaspersoft.jasperserver.war.action.RepositoryAction@151e135, attributes = map[[empty]]] in state 'initAction' of flow 'repositoryFlow'; nested exception is org.hibernate.ObjectNotFoundException: No row with the given identifier exists: [com.jaspersoft.jasperserver.api.metadata.jasperreports.domain.impl.datasource.RepoReportDataSource#17]


I checked the repository db and there is a Datasource entry with ID 17, and I have no idea why hibernate seems to be having issues locating it. I'm really stuck at this point and would appreciate any help I can get.



-- Ed

Post edited by: Ed @ GUBA, at: 2006/10/18 01:26

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I had this problem when I used an existing installation of MySQL for the JI database. It wasn't able to save report units (or anything else of substance -- though I could make folders).


I worked out eventually that it was some setting in MySQL that needed to be changed. I had installed JI over an existing MySQL installation which evidently had a different set of options.


Rather than spending a day diffing the config files, I reinstalled JI and let it install its own MySQL. I didn't get that error afterwards.

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