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Translation status: I need you

Giulio Toffoli

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Thanks javydreamercsw, would be great.


This is how you can complete the current translation: to do that, simply click on Plugin -> Translation status, select your language and press details. Press the button "Export" to save the locale file. At the bottom of this text file, you will find all the untranslated strings.

You can send it directly to me (giulio@jaspersoft.com) or you can add as patch on iReport project (http://jasperforge.org/sf/projects/ireport)


To try the translation, put the file into:


<iReport home>/classes/it/businesslogic/ireport/locale





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No, of course you have to modify the generated text file and translate the untranslated strings. I.e.:



# ---------- Missing translations -------------
#Addition=Addition (+)
#ArithmeticOperationHelper.msg1=Please select an object


Should be translated as follow:


Addition=Addizione (+)
ArithmeticOperationHelper.msg1=Seleziona un oggetto


Please note that the # character introduces a comment in the file.

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