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load object and class loader issue

martyn at hiss

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I have a jar file containing all the classes my applicatie uses.


The only things outside this jar file are the 6 jasper files that I have compiled. My code loads the jasper files and immediately I get an error Class not found while loading .....


2 Things:


1. The error message needs to be improved. No offence but saying class not found and not menthioning which one is a bit lazy and gives developers like me a real headache.


2. I think that loadObject cant handel classes in a jar file. I'm not sure how loadObject tries to load any used classes but it should use the class loader of the application. Then it should be able to read the classes from the jar file.


Anybody else got these problems or anybody know how to solve this problem?


B.T.W When I run the application from eclipse then the jasper files do load successfully so I'm guessing it has something to do with the classloader.

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No problems at all!


I think you should:


1. Post your exception (where surely the class that can't be found is mentioned)




2. check your classpath for your application that is passed when starting


seems to be a simple newbie problem!??!?





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