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question about subreports


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I have a not unusual scenario where i'm displaying my main data in the detail section at the end of which, i want to show a legend



OriginCity OriginCityGroup DestCity DestCityGroup Fare


WestCoast ORD 400






WestCoast: LAX SFO SAN


this is a subreport inside of a main report with other subreports.

I thought i could put the legend in my subreport page footer, but the subreport page footer ends up appearing on every page of the main report.


What's the best way to do something like this?




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Do you mean you would want it to appear only once at the end of the subreport?

If so, then you might consider the summary section of the subreport or the group footer of a group that breaks only once per subreport. Such a dummy group could have an empty or null expression.


I hope this helps.


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Thanks for the response.

I tried it. The hitch is that even in the summary

section i have more than one element.

so for example in the detail section i had, say, 3 citygroups, so in the summary section i need to display 3 citygroups. The 3 is of course dynamic. it could be 1 or 10 or any other number. And i don't think the summary section iterates over your data, does it?

at this point, i can't think of anything better than breaking it into 2 subreports...

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