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Dynamic height on detail band


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Assuming you have dynamic text in text fields, you can set the isStretchWithOverflow attribute of the <textField> element to true. This will cause the text field to expand to accomodate the text.


Make sure that any elements below the text field have a positionType of "Float", otherwise the text from the text field will be displayed "on top" of the other elements.


For more information, check out my book, JasperReports For Java Developers. Available at Amazon or directly from the publisher.



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It also worked for me..


<band height="29" splitType="Stretch">

<textField isStretchWithOverflow="true">
<reportElement x="0" y="3" width="72" height="20" uuid="61b00dae-e05c-4971-a754-f635a3043d57"/>
<textElement textAlignment="Center">
<font fontName="Tahoma" size="10"/>



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