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Zero unused band height - Lost content


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On a master report-subreport view, the Jasper engine was putting too much vertical space between the content. So I went into both of my subreports, and set the height of all unused bands to zero.



However, when I ran the report again, the content of one of the subreports disappeared. I have yet to know why? Using IReport, I experimented with 1) adjusting heights of the subreport areas designated in the master report; 2) adjusting heights of the unused bands back to 20-50; 3) adjusting margin,column widths -- but nothing solves my problem.



I attached the templates with significant vertical space between rows, but show content correctly. And I attached the templates after setting unused bands to zero height, but show missing content on the Inbound (Purchase) Order subreport.


Snapshot is what the report should look like when everything is working correctly. [file name=2006_9_6_TemplatesAndSnapshot.zip size=51680]http://www.jasperforge.org/components/com_joomlaboard/uploaded/files/2006_9_6_TemplatesAndSnapshot.zip[/file]


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