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Getting data from Java Classes

2006 IR Open Dicussion

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By: Diogo Oliveira - diogosales

Getting data from Java Classes

2006-03-28 03:27


I've designed the layout of some JasperReports documents with the help of iReport.


Then I developed Java Classes that represent, each one of them, one document, with attributes for every field in the JR layouts.


And then I developed reader classes: Java classes with a read () method which, given a document number, gets every data from the database into a document object and returns it.


Given this scenario, how can I map a now filled up document object with the corresponding fields on a report? I mean, how can I fill up the fields in a report design object with the data in the attributes of a given java object?


My searches resulted in confusing explanations I couldn't get to use. And I'm really tight on schedule, and also given by inexperience with the JasperReports mechanism, I decided to post this hoping someone canm easily enlighten me ;)


Thanks in advance for any replies.





By: missioncoder - missioncoder

RE: Getting data from Java Classes

2006-03-31 08:40


Have you tried using the samples that are included with the iReport package? I found these extremely useful. Are you working on a web based implementation? I'm only asking because that is where I have been doing most of my work. My suggestion is to look at the samples and possibly purchase the iReport manual if you have not already done so. FYI, if you were working on a web based project then this could be done using a JavaBean connection, JDBC, etc.

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