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Problems implementing scriptlets in iReports

2006 IR Open Dicussion

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By: Knightfilm - knightfilm

Problems implementing scriptlets in iReports

2006-03-09 15:08

I have a application that converts and stores a time value as a long integer in a database. I am trying to create a class method to use a long int value queried from the database, perform a series of calculations (i.e. multiplication, division etc...) and then convert the result to a ‘String’ and finally format appropriately so I can see the time result again. I am however having issues with getting iReports to recognize the Java class method. I have added the method into a scriplet using the scriplet editor in iReports and am trying to extend it.businesslogic.ireports.IreportScriptlet so that I can access my method. However, when I try to compile the report I get an error stating that it.businesslogic.ireports.IreportScriptlet cannot be resolved or is not a type and the same for the parameter REPORT_SCRIPTLET.

I am calling the method as follows:


The method Convert is declared as follows:

public static String Convert(long a)


<some code in here>



The iReports manual seems to be somewhat contradictory on how to properly include scriptlets. Any help on how to properly create, include, compile and use scriptlets, or even an answer to the above problem would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for the help!








By: cyclistca - cyclistca

RE: Problems implementing scriptlets in iReports

2006-03-10 09:32

I found the following helpful when I was trying to implement the default scriptlet classes.


- In Google search for "Jasper scriplets"


- Try searching in the Jasper forums on Sourceforge.

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