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By: Michael Calabrese - m2calabr


2006-05-12 11:20

Next question,

Looking at the php soap example I see there is a soap call: apiRunReport($soapClient, $reportUri, $reportParms, $outputFormat, $reportPageInt)


1) Are there API docs?

2) What are the values for $outputFormat?


I want to have add a button on a pre-exsisting web page that will bring up a pdf report. (I know that I will need a wrapper that sets the mime type before passing the result to the user's browser.)


Thanks for any help.



By: T Kavanagh - tkavanagh

RE: soapAPI

2006-05-15 23:51

Hi Michael,


All of the documentation for the soap api is on the server side. Take a look at the file com.jaspersoft.jasperserver.ws.SoapAPI.java. It's under the jasperserver-ws-war dir.


Unfortunately, the $outputFormat is not really used currently... the only format currently returned is html.


It is pretty straight-forward to use the JasperPrint object in the runReport() method to have it produce a pdf ... just didn't get a chance to implement this in the first version.





By: Michael Calabrese - m2calabr

RE: soapAPI

2006-05-23 23:09

Sorry I am just getting to this. I have been working on multiple projects.


Found the class file in the war, but no source. I downloaded the current svn and looked but could not find it (did a find . -regex ".*Soap.*"


I assume I will need to edit the SoapAPI.java recompile it and put it in my ws=war classes tree.


If this is true where can I find the java file.



By: T Kavanagh - tkavanagh

RE: soapAPI

2006-05-26 09:20



I just checked the source code that is on this site (0.9.2) and I found that jasperserver-war directory is not completely populated. Not sure how this happened, but this is why you are not seeing the SoapAPI.java file. I will see about getting that dir updated, or perhaps just send you a zip...


Sorry about that!




PS. We plan to get head source tree up on the site for our next release (around June 8th) ... this will make life easier :-)



By: Michael Calabrese - m2calabr

RE: soapAPI

2006-05-26 10:56

That would be great. I am working on a project right now, so if you could get send me (or sync the svn) soon that would be great.


If you are in the US have a great holiday.




By: Michael Calabrese - m2calabr

RE: soapAPI

2006-05-30 13:57

If you could send me the zip that would be great. How can I get you an email address?

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