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[Urgnt] PDF Charset Problem HELP!

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By: Ivan Codarin - codarin

[urgnt] PDF Charset Problem HELP!

2004-12-08 02:53

Dear All,

I've an urgent problem. I'm using iReport to create PDF pages downloadable from the web through Jsp.

Usually I produce:

1- JSP page for a draft view of data to be printed (without using jasperreports or other tools)

2- a PDF printout produced with iReport (and JasperReports).


I encounter problems with accent characters (like è¬) and also with apostrophe (quotes) like '....

This happens because the users writes the texts on MS Word before posting into my web forms... then with COPY + PASTE the transfer the texts on the web.


Word's autocorrection-feature changes the normal quote like ' in a more "beautiful" but non standard quote....



(1) If I call my JSP page from Mozilla Firefox to see the draft page the quote ' is OK, it is readable and all is fine (I use postgresql with LATIN1 encoding)


(2) When the user produces the PDF to print it out for the same data in the PDF the quote disappears (causing also an "english error"...).


I have to print out all this things (200pages) for tomorrow, have you an idea on how can I correct this.


I'm using a linux box, I tryed to set the system locale to Italian for example... but this doesn't work for iReport... Now I'm trying to inform JVM that I wanna to work with a different charset but I'm not sure how to do this....



Many many thanks







By: Ivan Codarin - codarin

RE: [urgnt] PDF Charset Problem HELP!

2004-12-08 07:56

Dear All, I'm very disorented!

Now I changed my system locale, my JVM file.encoding...


If I export the same report at the same time for the same data in HTML format my linux browser (firefox) will show all the characters correctly:

For example:

Ginevras intelligence


the quote between Ginevra and the "s" is my problem.


If I use JrViewer or the PDF exporter will be a little square or it will disappear....


I hope in your help!


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