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Custom Data Source

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By: robin - robinston

Custom Data Source

2004-10-07 14:33


i am trying to use test.csv as my custom data source. so i am using the CSVDatasourceTestFactory in my connection property and it say connection successful.


but to try to get the columns from test.csv, what i have to do?

if any body has a sample let me know. thank you.






By: xpert - jcox00

RE: Custom Data Source

2004-11-17 09:45


You'll need to go to the 'View' menu and select 'Report Fields'. (This is, of course, assuming that you have set up the data source and set it as your active connection.) In the dialog that pops up you'll need to go to the 'Fields' tab and click on 'New'. This will allow you to enter a field name and the object type. Remeber that the field name should be whatever field name you expect in the getFieldValue() method in your class that extends JRDataSource. After this, I found that I had to close down iReports, re-open it, and open the report that I was just working on for the fields to show up in the objects library.


Hope this helps. Good luck.


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