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i18n problem

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By: kmkumar - kmkumar17

i18n problem

2005-11-12 00:20



I am having problem with internationalizing my report.


Here is what I have done.


1) View-> Report Properties -> i18n -> Resource Bundle Base Name, I have entered



2)View-> Internationalization->Local Files-> create local file, I just left the suffix field blank and irport created the dafault local file "LabelsReports.properties". In this I have added my label like "text.sectortitle=List of Sectors".


3) In the report title I refered this like "$R{text.sectortitle}"


The report displays the key itself like $R{text.sectortitle}" and not the value from resource bundle.


Am I missing something here?


Appreciate any help.








By: frblusso - frblusso

RE: i18n problem

2006-01-24 07:58



are you sure your field is a "textfield" and not a "static text" ? Look at the properties of the fied to verify.

if you have a static field, only the key is displayed. I've just had the same problem.




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